I just adore the fact that Ianto never openly defined his sexuality.

Head canon: if he learnt something from Jack, it has to be to not put everything in neatly checked off boxes and just enjoy the moment. Screw labels, and just enjoy what is happening.

Ianto’s worst ever birthday party had included a food fight.

Watching drunken, rowing parents throw trifle at each other in a screaming fury while he gathered his friends to him, shielding as many as possible from being hit by a stray pickled onion. He never ever wanted to see that much mess covering so many people again.

Torchwood novel - Risk Assessment (James Goss)


Jack & Ianto, again and again :)


The way Ianto looks at Jack makes me want to cry

After we stopped those alien parasites from infecting everyone, when everything turned out OK, how relieved we were – then we all went and got totally rat-arsed. You were dancing on a table, and Tosh was shoving fivers in your belt. Me and Owen said she was paying too much, that you’d do it for a drink and a wink, and I spilt my drink all down Gwen’s cleavage. Laughing, just laughing like we’d never laughed before, in case we’d never get another chance.’
Ianto Jones trying to bring back a catatonic Jack Harkness with memories in the short story “Virus”, in the Torchwood novel Consequences
Random Ianto Moment #118



Ianto bringing a glass of beer for Rhys (Torchwood 2x09 “Something Borrowed”)

anyone else have this headcanon that Rhys and Ianto got on well?


This would be the cutest coffee shop..


This would be the cutest coffee shop..